The Sant Romà Mine

This complex world of mining, that is, the different techniques used to extract coal, are shown in a unique and singular area, the 450 metres of the Sant Romà mine. Here both the technical evolution and the working conditions through the 150 years of mineral extraction are to be discovered.

In the first mines only the superficial layers were exploited as the mineral seams were easily reached through the opening of galleries that followed the direction and the inclination of the layers. These galleries were rarely longer than 500 m.

Working conditions were extremely harsh: long working days, very low wages and, overall, the great danger of working inside the mine as it was poorly aired, dusty and humid. Slides and explosions were not rare.

Miners entered the mine at 6 in the morning and left by 6 in the evening. They would eat and rest inside the mine, and they only had a lamp to do the job.